HXM041 Young Lust

  • Product Code: HXM041
  • Movie Title: Young Lust
  • Studio: Helix Studios
  • Approx. Run Time: 111 minutes
  • Format: HD
  • Street Date: 2014-12-08
  • Themes: Bareback

    Twink, Big Dick, Anal Sex, Black, American, Facials, Interracial, Blowjob, Brunette, Cum Shots, Rimming, Uncut, Blonds, College Guys, Jock, 69

  • Cast:

    Roman Daniels, Ryker Madison, Jacob Dixon, Shane Hicks, Luke Allen, Matthew Keading, Evan Parker, Sasha Peterson, Jessie Montgomery, Sage Porter, Dylan Hall, Kody Knight

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Movie Synopsis

Young Lust is a fiery and uncontrollable craving, an appetite to touch and devour every inch of smooth skin. With wild desires that demand to be filled, these horny teen boys throw themselves at each other with youthful exuberance. The nearest twink becomes the immediate object of their arousal as they fuck in the morning before breakfast, after riding bikes in the afternoon and anytime that overwhelming sensation takes control. Casual sex has never been so intense as in these six hard pounding scenes of vigor and vitality.


Young Lust

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