ST85 Sterne Reminders

  • Product Code: ST85
  • Movie Title: Sterne Reminders
  • Studio: Spankthis
  • Approx. Run Time: 90 minutes
  • Format: HD
  • Street Date: 2009-12-21
  • Themes: Bareback

    Twink, Spanking, Fetish, American, Blowjob, Cum Shots

  • Cast:

    Jeff Sterne, Dustin Revees, Gavin Shye, Travis Freeman, Aiden Mychals, Rad Matthews

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Movie Synopsis

Sterne invites us to watch an evening of follow-ups and reminders in keeping these youngsters on track. Running the spectrum from shivering scared to back talking ill-mannered twinks, Sterne jogs each boy's memory with every blistering bare ass spanking. Nobody will walk away from this lesson without thinking twice before doing wrong.


Sterne Reminders

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