ST67 Spanking 101

  • Product Code: ST67
  • Movie Title: Spanking 101
  • Studio: Spankthis
  • Approx. Run Time: 75 minutes
  • Format: SD
  • Street Date: 2007-11-15
  • Themes: Bareback

    Spanking, Fetish, Masturbation / Jerk Off, European, Brunette, Cum Shots, Bareback, Twink, Anal Sex, Blonds, American, Blowjob

  • Cast:

    Daddy Darby, Dave Heydon, Jamie Lee, John Gadsby, Joshua Cartier, Will Forbes

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Movie Synopsis

Get spank-happy with the boys of Spanking 101. Dean Darby allows little room for mistakes for he lays down the law swiftly with his hand. The boys walk away with smiles on their faces and sore red arses. Chances are they will be back in detention soon enough having forgotten everything they?ve learned.


Spanking 101

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