ST38 Jeff Sterne Priv. Collection 2

  • Product Code: ST38
  • Movie Title: Jeff Sterne Priv. Collection 2
  • Studio: Spankthis
  • Approx. Run Time: 70 minutes
  • Format: SD
  • Street Date: 2004-12-01
  • Themes: Bareback

    Spanking, Masturbation / Jerk Off

  • Cast:

    Jeff Sterne, Danny Dewitt, Cameron, Broc Jensen, Danny Ross, Cory Miles

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Movie Synopsis

In this 2nd collection of private scenes, Jeff Sterne shows off the boys that were not available for a full scene, but needed a spanking on a very short order. With just a camera and paddles handy, Jeff gives the boys the spankings they need.

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